Democracy to Empire (While-U-Wait)

I look around at the ascent and misuse of power which has dominated the progress -- or regress -- of this country. It frightens me. We are daring to wander down the slippery slope and become the Imperial Yankee Dogs the other countries feared we already were. And it's a venture on the part of this country's elite -- whom I did not elect, by the way -- which is dooming those of us who had nothing to do with the advancing of them.

In my lifetime, I fear I will see this country become the equivalent of the Russian Empire, followed by its fall into socialism (those of you thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton better do your research. She's bad news for this country.), followed by its fall into abject ruin, followed by its imminent takeover, plundering and rending asunder by any other countries or factions that can get their hands on it. Mexico will take over California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas ("Screw Louisiana -- they flooded!"), and Cuba will reappropriate Florida. Canada, if they're smart, will grab the states on their southern borders. Everything else will become "No man's land" (or the Middle East will move in. Won't THAT be fun?).

But of all of this, I'm fortunate at the moment: I'm a forty-something whose parents are still alive. Yes, both of them. No, they're not married anymore, but so what? They're still alive and we're still in contact.

I dread the day they leave. Do you know why?

Because you'll be sad and you'll miss them.

Sure. Who wouldn't feel that way? But no.

It's because I feel somehow safer, somehow more secure knowing that they are alive and well and still here and I can still talk to them. I can call them and talk to them about nigh anything truly important, and somehow knowing that they're just there is more helpful than almost anything else in my life.

And with the world in the state it's in right now, I'm still kind of afraid of the future.

I'm not dependent upon Mom and Dad the way I used to be. I'm not looking to them to solve my problems. But their insights, even from older times, are just nice. They're not a security blanket, per se, but they are something of a comfort.

Mom, Dad, you've been wonderful. I can honestly say I have no nightmares or fears or issues with the way either of you treated me as you raised me.

The rest of the world could take some lessons and not be so uptight.

I'll leave the rest of my comments regarding legislation of morality for another post.

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Bat said...

Son, I still love you more than I can put into words...and I, too, take comfort from knowing that you're there somewhere, even though I don't call you nearly often enough, I think of you just about every day and hope your future is going to be good. I hope today is good. I love your new family and think things are going to go well for you. Don't stop dreaming, don't get so cynical that you can't smell the flowers for the pepper spray.
Be a good husband, father, citizen.
Be honest above all things.
That's all I can ask of you, all you can give me. Have a wonderful life, and try to make everyone who meets you glad they did!