Missing in Action

In this most unusual of posts, perhaps I am chasing my past, something I swore I would not do. Well, I don't do it often, at any rate.

There are some people I just have not seen in years and would love to be back in contact with them, even if just to say hey, how are ya, welp, see ya.

Anyone who knows of the whereabouts of these people, please point them here or leave me a way to get ahold of them. I'm not expecting much, considering my comment count is zero, thus far, but hey. The universe has done weirder stuff.

I am looking for:

  • Kevin Moran, formerly of San Marin
  • Chad Jensen, co-conspirator of R&R: 2112
  • Cory Taylor, in-your-face clown in Sgt. Krupke (SFDHS alum)
  • Jonathan Eldridge, chaotic neutral incarnate
  • Cheryl Boyce, all around nice person (the other half-elf)

I expect this list to grow, by the way.

If it's not clear who I am, I was the pianist in "Krupke" in 1983, I ran a role-playing game called R&R: 2112 (actually, I still run it but my adventure-generating skills need a LOT of work), and my first girlfriend was nicknamed "Ducky", though you may have known her as Christi "Clare" Schaefer. We were together from April 1984 through July 1985 and then I became a morose emotional wreck.

All for now -- have a great day.

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Clare is Reading! said...

Hey there. I have also been trying to find the Big Red Kid (JE). He and Clay (Last name?) joined the military in the late 80's, stating, "Who is going to fuck with the USA?". Erm...they didn't consider the logical vice-versa, did they? Anyway, they both went to Gulf War I, both came back, and I've been hoping they avoided this latest round. It seems JE is not in the military now, but was in the airborn division. This is gleaned from a rudimentary Google search.

Cheryl - last I heard- is in the East Bay with one of the Hunt Twins (do you know them? Very tall), living happily- as we would want for her!

I hope you are less of a wreck now. (Seems so. You know, you had a lot going on then, so some element of wreckery is only human.) I appreciated the email a few years back, though it threw me a bit. All is well. My son is heading toward four, and is a hoot and a half.