Adventures with Facebook

or, "just when you thought getting screwed would be enjoyable."

So I finally decided to unzip my Facebook Farewell Archive ... you know, the one you get when you say "save all my stuff and let me download it"?

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and got none of my notes.

Let me back up a little.

Back in 2008, I joined Facebook and decided to keep all my stuff out there, and to get (and, so I thought, stay) socially connected.  So there I was, from 2008 - mid-2015, to right after Chris Squire died, when I got the book-fuck notice from Facebook, saying,

You don't appear to be using your real name.
Please send us official documentation proving that this is how you are known by the members of your community.

("what the...?")

And so they don't seem inclined to let me back in.  So, before I left, I requested an archive of all my stuff -- Photos, wall postings, friend lists, etc.

Welp, I got all that.  I neglected to realise that since "notes" was a separate application, I wouldn't get those back.

So...back to blogging I go.


  • Seeing the updates to the Skyfaire page, to know who has left us
  • Getting any updates to what is going on with S.W.A.S. people and remaining faculty
  • The Yes Official Facebook Page
  • The Pinball Pages
  • Many friends
  • My notes.


  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Alarmism
  • General uptightness
  • People pissing on my wall because I disagree with them
Hopefully, everyone who needs to visit will visit here.  I'll try to post things of interest on at least a weekly basis.  If I can find the text of my notes, I'll post them here, backdated as appropriate.

To those who hope to see me back on Facebook, I can't promise when -- or if -- I will return.  It was a huge time suck to begin with, and it's nice not to have my stomach tied in knots over a disagreement.  I had enough of this in real life once upon a time, and I'm kind of done with that bullshit.

Rest assured that I miss and love you all, though.  You're all good to me in some fashion.