The Game Needs To Be Called

(or, "Next, Please.")

By and large, life is good, except for this excuse of a shadow of the ghost of the dream which used to be America...

"If his reign goes unchallenged, then everything that is green and growing and good in this world will be destroyed. There won't BE a Shire anymore, Pippin!" -- J. R. R. Tolkien, "The Two Towers"

I may be a bit skittish. Perhaps I frighten easily. Either that or I'm one of the (apparent) twelve percent of the people who has some sense in his head.

May I ask, please, just what in the world the current government of this country thinks they are doing?

We were on the brink of an educational recovery which had the potential to get us back to being one of the best places in the world to get an education. Now we are facing federal fund shortages which are being diverted to a war over something of little consequence, and they will toss our educational potential into the toilet.

The President has issued such promises as money for the prevention of the spread of AIDS. Ordinarily I'd say this is laudable except that he is sending the money abroad to Africa instead of keeping it here, where it would be better put to use, oh, say, looking for a cure.

Our borders remain open to illegal aliens who are coming in through the national parks which hug the borders because we can not afford to staff them because of all the money being poured into the Military effort. And now we, the taxpayers, have to shoulder the brunt of their weight on our system with the multi-lingual invasion which has taken over California and threatens to undermine the rest of the nation.

Please don't mistake me as a cultural bigot, because I am not. But when you go to a foreign country, you HOPEFULLY have learned something about speaking their language, and something about their culture. And you typically don't intend to stay there and leech from them. If you're going to live here, please be prepared to learn to FLUENTLY read, write and speak ENGLISH!

But I digress.

The current total government scheme in place seeks to undermine everything this country was built upon. We are being rocketed back to the middle ages in terms of our rights concerning freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Our economy is in the tubes because all the available funding is being redirected to this War over the biggest oil field in the country. Instead of researching alternate energy, we are still fighting over oil. Instead of looking for ways to energise our people and make them into a nation of the most positive minds on the planet -- which would eventually find a way to reason their way through the BS borders which separate our nation from other people (not national borders or cultural ones, but other illogical ones) -- our Republic is keeping us all in the dark, inciting Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and Despair (FUDD).

Wow. Hi. Please keep all arms and legs inside the handbasket at all times.

I offer up a solution to this madness, and it is as such:

Mr. President, 

I call upon you to do the right thing for this country and resign your
office immediately.  Please remove your Vice President, as well as all
UNelected officials you have hand-chosen to serve as your Cabinet.

I am calling upon you to resign based on the lack of competence you have
demonstrated as the leader of the people of this country.  You have done
nothing to mitigate the influx of illegal aliens, nor to ease the minds
of the people of this country, nor anything worth a positive note regarding
domestic policy.  Indeed, you are treating the citizens of this country
-- SOME OF WHOM ELECTED YOU -- tantamount to criminals.

I and many others grew up in a time when Nuclear War was a threat to this
world for the third time and the fourth time.  We remember when the Cold
War was still going on.  I personally know someone who was one button-push
away from starting World War III while your father was running the country
through Ronald Reagan.

That was 20 years ago, and the threats were very real.  We do not forget
that easily.

Many others remember Viet Nam, and the Bay of Pigs is a documented
failure.  There is a common theme here:  These conflicts arise without the
true support of the people.  If you really believe that 88% of the people
out there really want a war, you are deluded beyond reason and are hence
incapable of running this country competently.  There is more to our
lifeblood than oil.  There is more to our existence than money and
conspicuous consumption.

We have had to continuously import talent from other countries because
we do not have the educational system present and sufficiently affordable
to produce this talent domestically.

And with everything which has happened to the economy in this country --
which your decisions and policies affect a great deal -- our companies are
not only reducing permanent work forces and forcing families to pay
astronomical health care out-of-pocket, but they are opening offices
abroad because they can recruit the talent locally to the company's new
office and not have to suffer the rigmarole of bringing them into this
country.  We are losing our hold on the world.

I and many others have watched this country slide from a country which
could have been recovered to greatness in perhaps half a lifetime to
one which will never again be great in my life.  We are but an excuse
of a shadow of the ghost of a memory of the dream which used to be
America.  We are no longer the America for which millions have fought
and died over the years.  Those millions did not set their lives forfeit
for this country as it stands now.  This administration is running this
country into the ground in an iron-fisted attempt to lay down the laws
in the name of God, and this makes us no better than any of the countries
we have attempted to destabilise, past or present.  In fact, we are
becoming very much like the Soviet Union we so much feared.

Unless you can prove that you are wise enough and mature enough to LET GO
of the hold we have on the world and retreat and rebuild internally, heal
and progress, I am of the opinion that you are no longer sufficiently of
sound mind to run this country, and I suggest that you step down from
office and let a more forward-thinking soul begin the true healing process
and rebuilding of this nation so that it can become the shining beacon it
once was.

It is the FUDD which will drive us down. One does not run a truly great nation through the ultimate control of the people. It is the people who make the nation great, through their own individual strengths, not vice versa. One cannot have a great nation without the people.

So if I'm a bit skittish, or a bit frightened, or a bit angry because I am skittish and frightened, over this issue, I am certain I am not the only one.

Fifty-five percent of our population support a war on Iraq? I don't think one can even take a poll of fifty-five percent of the population, considering that barely half of us vote, and that's in an important election.

And I can guarantee that the people who were polled -- and recorded -- were not a representative slice of the people of this country.

Next. Please!