Congratulations, Amerika. You have what you wanted, and you will get to watch it turn into what we have always fought against.

Bush spoke of "Freedom, Justice and the American Way."

He has no more of a clue on any of the above words than the average person does on the subject of quark theory and rocket science.

You, the people, have doomed this country. Are you so blindly unaware that in 2001, Bush sold us down the river for oil interests? Was it that inobvious to you?

You, who have family over in Iraq, who have watched him turn attention away from the supposed culprit who plunged our nation into terror and to some puppet THAT WE PUT INTO POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE, to remove him from power and declare the world a safer place, how in the WORLD can you say this is a good choice? You have born offspring into the world and cared for them, nurtured them for 18 years or more, only to watch them die, and you think this is a GOOD THING?

You far-right Christians who think that you were created in God's image, that the world belongs to you above nature, that it is yours to rape and pillage and rend asunder, I hope you think it is all right when your civil liberties are violated, too, because they will be. Doesn't that saying go, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap"?

The demographics in this race are close enough that it should tell you that the reasonable, thinking people are not going to put up with the shenanigans of a dictatorship. We still hold dear the true values on which this country was founded: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to redress our government for grievances.

Remember that once it was stated, roughly:

"When a government fails to meet the needs of the populace it represents, it is the right AND THE DUTY of the People to abolish it and start anew."

I think we are not far off. George W. Bush and his cronies, both domestic and foreign *cough*AlQaeda*cough*, have undone, in four years, the progress it has taken forty to achieve. In the next four years, they will probably succeed in undoing the other two hundred plus.

So Good Day, Amerika, with your bent on controlling people who do not think like you. Someday, we will reap a very bitter crop, and it will be your sown seeds to fault for this. I shudder to be counted among the people of such a nation.


Heresy in Bb Major, First Impression


What You See Is What They Think

"Things are seldom what they seem
Skim milk masquerades as cream."
-- W. S. Gilbert

[Note: I've apparently been remiss, as my maternal carbon-based lifeform has informed me. This is from July. Okay, fine, it's also from April. I've had a busy summerfall, and it shows no signs of slowing up. I'm doing a 200+ mile-per-day commute (round-trip). I really should see about teleporting...um, telecommuting.]

Okay, so I finished reading the Da Vinci Code. I thought it was a hell of a good read. It reads like a screenplay. The scenes are short, concise, well-threaded -- I mean, someone could toss in some technical annotations, change the format slightly, and it's an instant movie! I was impressed.

Other things which impressed me were the connections between the Mona Lisa, the sacred Feminine, the rise of the patriarchy, the Knights Templar (later the Freemasons), the Illuminati, the Catholic Church and its radical offshoots, and the current state of what passes for Christianity.

And, of course, there are people who will put it all down as hogwash, nonsense, and heresy. I pity their lack of understanding, their cynicism and their zeal in the face of adversity.

Rule One: When you stop learning, you die. You might as well go to sleep and not wake up, because if you know everything, there's nothing to deal with.

So I learned things from this book.

One thing I learned was that 'heretic' is derived from 'hereticum', which means 'to choose'. Choice of one's own direction, as opposed to some grand Divine Purpose or Master Plan which we should be blindly following without question.

I guess that makes me a heretic, for I take nothing at face value, and I look for the underlying currents which are indicative of a true purpose.

Life is a four-way chess match between Choice, Chance, Destiny and Circumstance, and there is no order in which the pieces move.

Circumstance is where we are. Destiny is where we are supposedly going. Choice is that avenue we see which allows us to alter our course to our Destiny, or to a completely different Destiny altogether. Chance is what happens beyond our control.

I saw a website which stated (and I quote):

"the Word sprang from a 4th Century rivalry? Get Real."

By this, I take it to mean that the composer(s) of said site are stupid enough not to question the word of "God" coming from some flaming shrub (don't we have one of those in the White House?), passed along to some zealot with his own agenda who spent forty days and forty nights on some mountain carving two stone tablets which bore his own interpretation of what this burning bush supposedly told him.

Oh, was that my outside keyboard? Sorry.

Anyway. Put the Bible on the same shelf as all the other books of myths and legends. The stories are good as stories, but if you believe a single thing in that book as being proof of a God, you have an ID ten T complex, and you are DANGEROUS to the human race.

Can I rant on the Patriarchy for a moment?

In the beginning, Man created God. In so doing, there were supposedly scrolls written attributing some power or respect to the female.

But the Patriarchy, in its infinite paranoia, decided to make those parts disappear, because to acknowledge Woman as equal, even as equal-yet- different, was to give the Woman power -- power which would eventually unseat the Man as sole dictator of the course of events.

Stupid. Stupid stupid STUPID men. If I can help unseat the Patriarchy, I'll do it in a New York Minute. I'm saying this because, although I am male, heterosexual, caucasian of European descent (in short: the stereotypical scum of the planet), I've met so many GUYS that I *really* don't like. There are women out there, too, like that, but they're in the minority.

So I'm not in favour of putting in a Matriarchy either, as I would get caught in the anti-white-hetero-euromale backlash.

But I do want to see some semblence of balance brought back, for we are destroying our world, and, like it or not, Earth IS Mother. If you don't like it, go sign up for a shuttle trip to colonize Mars or something. You're probably rich and can afford it if you're thinking in a way which exploits the Earth for your own gain, so go away. Meanwhile, I have to live here. I have no intention of going away.

I have found something very very VERY interesting, and this might just blow the minds of the feminists out there:

Woman, by being submissive (at least in certain circumstances), wields a LOT of power. Trust me on this one. Give a guy the perception of a little control, and you've got him right where you want him. The trick is you NEVER allow yourself to be put in a place of harm or humiliation.

Of course, that's hard to allow yourself to do, given the mindset of most of the guys out there, but then, most of the guys out there don't deserve women or the chance to procreate with them.

Never settle for second best. It's better to be alone than to settle.

But I digress.

So what did I learn? That the K.T. harbored the Illuminati, some of which decided to use the front of the K.T. as a shield for darker purposes.

I learned that Mary Magdalene was likely Jesus' wife, that Jesus was likely a prophet and NOT the son of God, and that Mary Magdalene was supposed to carry on the church, but Paul wouldn't have it.

I'm betting that it was Mary Magdalene who went to Christ's tomb and took his body away to bury it someplace before the Romans could wander in and desecrate it.

Something else I have been illuminated on is this point of "immaculate conception". I think, in this case, "immaculate conception" was as mistranslated as the phrase about "passing a camel through the eye of a needle before entering the kingdom of heaven" (the same is used in Hebrew for "camel" as for "rope", I am told. The latter makes more sense).

The word "immaculate" could have been a deliberate misinterpretation of the original word for "pure"; this, too makes more sense. For Jesus to have been conceived and born of a pure conception, one of pure love which two people such as Mary and Joseph shared, makes FAR more sense than a conception in which there was no mess. I mean, come ON, people! The creation of life itself is apparently a miracle, even with our understanding of what happens when the male and female join, when the sperm enters the egg. If that's a miracle, then for it to happen without impregnation along some line, even with today's technology, is not a miracle -- it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Maybe Mary didn't realise what happened, or she partied too hard with Joe, got drunk off her ASS, and didn't remember getting laid.

Or maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- the IDIOTS who wrote the Bible decided that really should mean "immaculate-as-in-no-mess-at-all" instead of meaning "pure-as-in-they-really-loved-each-other."

Let's face facts: Love and Peace do not bring power to men with great aspirations (although I wish they'd all tuck their heads into their butts and aspirate whatever happens down the pipe, thus putting themselves out of our misery).

Control, conflict, competition are the keys for the greedy, the would-be power-mongers, the conquerors, the dictators, the emperors.

It doesn't take too many brains to figure out, by the way, why the state of education and the availability of useful information are in such states as they are.

I'll leave that to you to figure out.

Good day.


Watch This Space

It's been a while. For those of you who have been following my feature page at Star Wolf Innovations , you're probably aware that I'm in the middle of a life-changing event of some sort; those of you with whom I've actually been in contact are aware of what said event really is.

I have advice for you: If you marry someone, you need to be sure that you are both committed enough to each other -- and to any future offspring -- to make it work, because separation is painful, to understate the sentiment.

In fact, it downright sucks large rocks through a garden hose.

It's worse if you've had kids.

...and it's even worse if you're still friends with the ex-. Not that I mind this -- it's a good thing, in my opinion. But it doesn't make it any easier to make the physical move. Even now, as I move my affairs in absentia, I find it quite difficult emotionally.

I suppose eventually, the pain goes away.

I just hope my kids don't grow to hate me because I've taken what I perceive to be a necessary direction in my life. They're such good kids, and I want the good things for them. At the same time, my life's not over yet, and I want to be able to enjoy at least some of what I have.

Hopefully this will not be a conflict of interest. I don't think it will be, but I suspect there are differing opinions.

If you have opinions on this, drop me a line and let me know how you feel.

Back in a while. And I have pictures of Linda which I will post when life settles down a bit more.


Farewell to a Grand Hobbit

"I am sailing with the silver ships to the west,
to the undying lands." -- J. R. R. Tolkien

"So cautiously, at first, and then so high
As he spoke, my spirit climbed into the sky
I bid it to return to hear your wonderous stories..."

-- Jon Anderson, "Wonderous Stories"

(This page will likely receive numerous updates over this year, as I'm sure its current content does not begin to do her justice.)

She was one of the Old Old Ones; a veritable fixture in the Fairs and Faires in the New Old World. She was lively, vibrant, always there to lend her voice and sing to the Heavens and Havens of those of us who were fortunate enough to have known her. Some knew her as Hobbit.

Over the years, I have seen her act, sing, AND run the Children's Traditional School of Arts and Crafts -- all, eventually, from her transport cart (a mode of transportation a wee bit more dignified than a straight-out wheelchair) as she became unable to walk. I remember being rather excited at seeing her on Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton, and being able to say, "Oh, wow! We know her!"

She performed a naming ceremony for our daughter shortly after she was born, and she has always been there for the small multitude of children who have come into this world from the Young Ones, descendants of the Old Ones. Only recently, Stitch and Pooh have made their way into our house, into the arms of our little ones, courtesy of her.

I remember her birthday one year at Black Point (though I could not tell you the precise date), when 30-plus Scotsmen each brought up to her a dozen roses at the end of her performance on the stage. That was an amazing sight not to be forgotten -- the stage was festooned with roses. I don't think there was a square inch left for an exit path. Similarly, I seem to remember the Irish serenading her with a ten-part harmony rendition of "Red Is The Rose" -- a cappella, of course! I think that even misted a few of our eyes in return.

Of late, I had the honour of co-managing the Brass Rubbings booth for her at the Northern Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Casa de Fruta, near Hollister, California. That was a generosity on her part, actually, as it kept my family solvent during an economically trying time.

On Sunday, 11 April 2004, Linda Underhill passed away.

I, her family, a thousand others who knew her, and the countless thousands who knew of her through her performances, will miss her terribly. The choir of angels and fae have a beautiful addition to their cast.

Sleep sweet, Linda, and may the Westward sail be pleasant.