The Good and The Bad

The Good

Okay, we have Barack Obama, our first African-American...no. Our first BLACK president, or President of Colour. Let's call it as it is. Political Correctness must die if we are to achieve anything of substance in this world.

No, I'm not upset by this at all. In fact, I'm THRILLED that we don't get FOUR MORE YEARS of the McSame Old Same Old.

But we need to quit hyping this up as "A Great Day For The Heritage Of African-Americans". That is NOT what this election stands for.

It stands for the promise of change. Change for the better, or so I can hope. He has TWO YEARS, at most, to establish his mandate. If he does it right, he gets two more years. We'll need that left-swinging mandate in order to get back to centre.

The Bad

As happy as I am about this, I am also very very upset at the two measures in California that are passing that shouldn't:

Proposition 8 - Banning the Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry

1. What is the problem with this? Where does the difficulty exist?? I'll grant that "traditional marriage" is between members of the opposite sex, given lack of documentation to the contrary. But you f*cking right-wing fear-of-god MORONS would deny them rights as individuals? Is it really wrong for two people to love each other? Does it matter what RACE they are? How about what their financial status is? Hell, why don't we prohibit Democrats and Republicans from marrying?

...So why does it matter what their sexual ORIENTATION is? Don't say "preference", because you're demeaning the natural order of things and DON'T gimme your "God says this" bullshit because I Have HAD it with you bigots and your playing on the fears of otherwise good people. Go jump into a pit of concrete and be gone with you.

2. I have the SERIOUS problem with this in that the majority of funding and effort to defeat this measure has come from OUT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. That means that other states are trying to tell California how it should be voting on matters of state. This needs to STOP.

3. We need to put something into place to reject the ability to change the state's constitution with a simple majority vote. It should be a two-thirds majority for something that important. That this was not in place for this initiative is a Very Bad Thing.

Proposition 9: Rights of Victims AND THEIR FAMILIES to show up at parole hearings and keep people in jail.

It's easy to see the perspective on this: Someone kills your family, you want to make sure they stay in jail.

But you idiots who only see the one side of this argument are missing something very important: There are a LOT of people incarcerated who have served their time and should not be denied their chance at parole who will end up serving a longer sentence than is reasonable for their crime.

So you who passed these two bits of legislations should be ashamed of yourselves. You are not only not interested in truly being a co-operative part of society, but you thrive on the conflict you create.

Shame on you, all of you.

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