If life is a story...

Just had an epiphany this morning while I was returning with coffee to my desk. The logic train went something like this (I entertain story ideas as I do occasionally attempt to write stories. Thus far: Story: 15, Author: 0.):

"Remember the characters you used to create in Dungeons and Dragons?
The ones from lands of fantasy, which were rumoured to have existed
at one time, and were wiped out by the humans?

They're back. And they have a whole new take on life."

This led to the Lord of the Rings, and how it was one point-a-to-point-b plot story, with a lot of ancillary subplots branching off and tying in (usually).

THAT led me to think, "Who, in their life, really has a plot? Our lives are pretty much not plot-driven, but character-driven."

The thought for the day is,

"If your life is plot-driven, you had best be a VERY good writer."

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