Congratulations, Amerika. You have what you wanted, and you will get to watch it turn into what we have always fought against.

Bush spoke of "Freedom, Justice and the American Way."

He has no more of a clue on any of the above words than the average person does on the subject of quark theory and rocket science.

You, the people, have doomed this country. Are you so blindly unaware that in 2001, Bush sold us down the river for oil interests? Was it that inobvious to you?

You, who have family over in Iraq, who have watched him turn attention away from the supposed culprit who plunged our nation into terror and to some puppet THAT WE PUT INTO POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE, to remove him from power and declare the world a safer place, how in the WORLD can you say this is a good choice? You have born offspring into the world and cared for them, nurtured them for 18 years or more, only to watch them die, and you think this is a GOOD THING?

You far-right Christians who think that you were created in God's image, that the world belongs to you above nature, that it is yours to rape and pillage and rend asunder, I hope you think it is all right when your civil liberties are violated, too, because they will be. Doesn't that saying go, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap"?

The demographics in this race are close enough that it should tell you that the reasonable, thinking people are not going to put up with the shenanigans of a dictatorship. We still hold dear the true values on which this country was founded: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to redress our government for grievances.

Remember that once it was stated, roughly:

"When a government fails to meet the needs of the populace it represents, it is the right AND THE DUTY of the People to abolish it and start anew."

I think we are not far off. George W. Bush and his cronies, both domestic and foreign *cough*AlQaeda*cough*, have undone, in four years, the progress it has taken forty to achieve. In the next four years, they will probably succeed in undoing the other two hundred plus.

So Good Day, Amerika, with your bent on controlling people who do not think like you. Someday, we will reap a very bitter crop, and it will be your sown seeds to fault for this. I shudder to be counted among the people of such a nation.

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